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  • The potential soil erosion aggregated for a grid of 1 km shows the average potential erosion (ton/ha) for a specific grid cell. The map is the sum of water and tillage erosion. The map takes into account 4 types of land use: forest, permanent cover, agricultural crops without permanent cover and other land use. The map is based on the soil erosion map aggregated for each agricultural parcel in Flanders (2010). The original map on parcel level is a product of computer modeling with a spatial resolution of 5 m * 5 m by the "Physical and Regional Geography Division, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, K.U. Leuven". The calculation of water erosion is based on the Revised Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE, Renard et al., 1991) using a 2 dimensional approach for calculating the LS factor based on Desmet and Govers (1996). The water erosion is calculated with a crop factor of 0,001 for forest, a crop factor of 0,01 for permanent cover (excluding forest), a crop factor of 0,37 for other agricultural crops and a crop factor of 0 for other land use. Tillage erosion is calculated according to the WaTEM/SEDEM model based on Van Oost et al. (2000).